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Custom Packaging Lane makes it easy for startups, midsize businesses, and large companies to manufacture custom boxes at affordable prices.

This organization meets the packaging specifications of many industries ranging from food, cosmetics, retail, gift, and many more. They are well-renowned for creating folding cartons and sturdy mailer boxes for shipping purposes.

If you are looking for a reliable box packaging supplier, this is the right place! Get an instant quote! To explore our wide range of customization options and spellbinding services.
Let’s explore a few of them:

Free & Instant Quote

For placing an order you just go through our simple ordering process. Fill out the form and get a free instant quote. Our sales representative will help you throughout the process if you find any difficulty in the designing and pricing process.

Free Design Inspection/Free Digital Proof

Do you want a 3D mock-up design to analyze your boxes before sending them into final production? Custom Packaging Lane graphic designers will give a mock-up design and work on the design until the customers will satisfy.

Buy More, Save More Pricing

What does it mean to buy more, save more pricing? Let me explain to you, suppose you have multiple items in your store and want to make packaging for every product. At Custom Packaging Lane, you will find a variety of designs and styles that are perfect for every size of the product. We know you want to encase your products in secure yet affordable packaging.

We allow you to place your order in bulk and avail of our multiple discounts. The bulk orders will help you to save money and durable packaging for your multiple items at the same time.

Rush Production Available

We are excited to announce a rush production offering for our loveable clients. Driven by our commitment to providing fantastic packaging to all businesses, increased production speeds deliver a competitive edge to our clients by enabling them to get your boxes at your doorsteps within the quickest turnaround. Our rush production decreases manufacturing time to 7-8 days. Don’t delay! Place your order now at wholesale prices.

Free Shipping

Are you worried about the shipment of your products? Do you want to deliver your products in safe and sound condition at your doorsteps? Don’t fret! Our shipping criteria will assure secure delivery of your boxes. What’s the amazing fact about our shipment? We provide you free shipping all around the globe within quickest possible time.

Tricks of Best Packaging Design

After you’ve done everything you can to manufacture high-quality products. What’s going to be the next point of focus? In today’s world, where an infinite number of products compete for shelf space, the packaging is just as crucial as the product itself.

An intriguing packaging design is more than just a container for a product. A packaging design should be able to connect with customers, offer critical information, and much more…

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best packaging design tips and tricks to help you build packaging that’s fit for your product.

Stylish Printing

Before creating Custom Boxes, choose flamboyant printing patterns that perfectly match your company and give your products a unified aesthetic. Human emotions are linked to colors, and different hues affect different people differently. Different printing techniques such as offset, digital, screen, and flexography is used with CMYK, PMS, and RGB color combination scheme.

Focus Target Market

Find your targeted market and decide what kind of things you’ll include in the box and how you’ll advertise them. Keep an eye on your current competitors as well as any potential purchasers you may have. Start a few and get to work on your schoolwork.

Eye-Catching Color Scheme

Customers’ attention is drawn to colors. The color of your retail product packaging should be able to strengthen the brand as much as feasible. In such a competitive market, custom boxes featuring enticing color combination schemes serve as true brand identification, allowing your customers to recognize your brand amid many others.

Innovative Designs

Have you ever been into a store and been drawn to a specific subject because of the style and design of its packaging? Custom Retail Boxes are designed in a unique and distinctive manner, which is the ideal approach to attract the attention of potential customers and generate exceptional sales.

Clear Instructions On

Check to see if you’re imprinting all the valuable information to gain customer loyalty. When engraving the logo, slogan, and other crucial information, double-check the font size and style. Everything about your goods, from the typefaces to the styles, says something about it. So, always focus on the information that is going to print on the box.

Top 4 Ways Eco-Friendly Packaging Helps Environment

Reusable or renewable packaging materials that are secure for both the environment and the items make up recyclable packaging, which is Eco-Friendly Packaging. Plastic packaging has been outlawed by the packaging industry because of its significant carbon emissions. That’s why people are turning to sustainable solutions.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 ways by which eco-friendly packaging helps the environment and a brand to boost its prosperity to the utmost level.

Reduce Carbon Emission

There are some biodegradable plastics, but they can only be broken down through landfilling or burning, which is more time-consuming and harmful to the environment. Utilizing alternative and recyclable Kraft and Cardboard Packaging protects the product and the environment. With the help of biodegradable packaging options, you can adopt the 3 R’s of reducing, reuse, and recycling while also lowering the carbon impact of your business.

Biodegradable and Recyclable

Green packaging is well recognized for Kraft Boxes. They are more acceptable to food producers and consumers because they can be thrown away in a few weeks. The ability of the recyclable boxes to be recycled and reused is the most amazing feature of them.

They now fall under the category of cost-effective packaging solutions because of their captivating feature. These boxes fall under the category of lower carbon footprints because they do not release any hazardous pollutants.

Improve Environment

As you are aware, the past century’s environmental changes have had a significant impact on our globe. All of the world’s living things are in danger as a result of increasing pollution. Water, natural resources, and solid waste are all reduced by using green packaging. Reducing carbon emissions and achieving environmental objectives.

Every retail brand that takes its customers’ ethical concerns into account is very appealing to consumers. The term “sustainable box” denotes the use of packaging by a firm that protects its products from microorganisms and other environmental elements. That means this innovative packaging solution not only improves the health of the environment but also the product.

Build a Better Brand Image

Eco-friendly packaging is popular among consumers. Going green with Custom Packaging Boxes will demonstrate your love for the environment. Additionally, it will help customers form a positive perception of the brand. Additionally, people will pick you over conventional vendors. More consumer preference translates into profit for you, which could result in higher productivity.

Final Verdict

The merging issues of global warming have urged people to think about sustainable packaging solutions. They are turning their demands from plastic to biodegradable packaging in order to reduce toxic land waste pressure from our planet.

Eco-friendly packaging is the new hype in the packaging sector. It comes with multiple beneficial aspects as it helps to improve the environment’s health, minimize carbon footprints, helps in brand building, and is easily decomposable. Get your hands on eco-friendly packaging solutions by visiting the online library of Custom Packaging Lane.

Things Successful Brands Love About

All small and large enterprises strive hard to grow by offering quality-oriented products and services. Premium packaging and effective branding are crucial for a company to sustain sales, and increase its return on investment.

Successful brands possess certain traits that help them to make their brand stand out among rivals. This article deep dives into six common characteristics of creating a solid brand identity.

Fasten your seat belt! And get ready for a roller coaster ride!

Sustainable Packaging

People are well aware of the most dangerous parts of global warming, as well as how pollution affects not only human health but also the health of other living creatures.

People prefer to get their items in recyclable, reusable, and reused packaging. Cardboard packaging and Kraft packaging are essential in this aspect.

Product Protection

What if your customer receives a damaged product? Is it good for the reputation of your brand? People always love to buy from brands that take care of their emotions in mind. Product integrity is the most crucial thing while keeping customer retention and improving the brand’s limelight.

Establish the Brand’s Identity

Colorful images and inspirational artwork on Customized Boxes produced in large quantities serve as a branding strategy that aids in market share expansion. Your products will be displayed in a branded manner if they come in custom packaging with a logo.

Budget-Friendly Packaging

When people heard about custom packaging they think about the economical factor which is the leading key in making a brand more successful. Don’t fret! Customization is a budget-friendly choice that allows a brand to design its packaging as per its branding campaign and financial status in mind.

Accessible Customization

One of the prime functions of packaging is to promote the product, so focus on the design to stay in the competitive race. Enthralling designing layouts, printing patterns, embossing, debossing, finishing, windows, and die-cuts improve the overall appeal of the packaging which makes your brand successful and worthy in consumers’ minds.

Longevity of the Packaging

The longevity of the boxes depends upon the selection of durable and sturdy packaging materials. A secure and protective material will ensure your packaging integrity as well as product protection. So, focusing on packaging materials’ sturdiness, it will make your brand successful and updated in the market.

Sustainable Packaging for Cosmetics Products

Sustainability in packaging is quickly becoming the number one priority of top brands, but it can be challenging for businesses to know where to begin.

The cosmetics business is renowned for its notoriously high levels of plastic packaging production and waste. So, the packaging is an excellent place to start.

Consumer demand for sustainable products has increased significantly during the last few years in the cosmetics sector. In fact, more than half of all consumers believe they would be willing to pay more for ecologically friendly products.

Here we are listing some useful tips by which your brand can opt for sustainable cosmetic packaging

Utilize the least amount of packaging possible while shipping and selling your products

Use smaller packets for this to drastically cut on unwanted space in the larger ones.

On the packaging, specify the kind of material and the recycling methods used

Your clients will get inspiration from this on how to reuse or recycle the package.

Change the resources you are using now

Some recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable materials are already familiar to you. You can look through a variety of possibilities there and select the one that best suits your needs.

Avoid using complex composite packaging

Refrain from utilizing various packaging materials for the same package. This is due to the difficulty in sorting and separating composite materials like paper and plastic. And that will make it harder to recycle.

Employ packaging and manufacturing vendors who follow sustainable business practices.

Many manufacturers already use eco-friendly and sustainable methods. If your company does not make its own packaging, you can collaborate with packaging providers like Custom Packaging Lane.

Keep fossil-based plastic from being used as packaging material.

Plastic causes water and land contamination despite being a valued material. Use plastics that are recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable to the extent possible.

Final Words!

The UK, EU, and USA currently have a significant emphasis on sustainability. To stay competitive and relevant with today’s ecologically sensitive consumers, the beauty industry has been working to minimize its environmental impact. This is especially true for the millennial market, which is the consumer segment that is expanding the quickest.

The good news is that there are now several options for environmentally friendly packaging, which will help in meeting the rising demand for such packaging.

Packaging is critical in keeping the goods safe and secure

Eco-friendly packaging is made from biodegradable material and provides a unique opportunity to raise brand recognition among customers while also ensuring the health of the environment against environmental effects.
In this article, we will learn about common mistakes that people do while purchasing an eco-friendly box.

Insufficient Product Security

Product security is the primary function of packaging. Your potential customers will be dissatisfied if they open the box and find their sought valuable goods have degraded.

While providing funds or replacements, you may incur additional expenses. Loosened packaging material and excess space are the culprits behind this lack of product safety.

Unprofessional Visual Appeal

The cutting-edge packaging design template is what gives Custom Eco-Friendly Boxes its outside appearance. Your products may appear amateurish if they are packaged poorly.

Your customers may be unaware of your product’s structure, quality, or substance. Unorganized packaging might have a severe impact on your company’s operations.

Avoid Extra Space

The additional space in the box is one of the most significant mistakes. A package that is too big for the product isn’t the best option. It increases your cost investment by squandering resources, creating inconvenient storage conditions, and harming the environment.

Extra space in your customized boxes can lead to product damage throughout the shipping process. If you save money by developing a box that fits all boxes, you’ll have to pay for replacements, cash, shipping, and a tarnished brand image.

Avoiding these common customization errors will help you to distinguish your brand from the rest of the crowd. Creating stronger brand awareness, and more favorable brand perceptions. If you are searching to tailor the exceptionally sustainable boxes, choose an eminent box packaging supplier, and Custom Packaging Lane will help you in this regard.

Packaging Industry Trends 2022

People judge the product by its outer gaze. Most of the time, people purchase a product based on its packaging. Perfect packaging may act as a brand ambassador for your brand. If you want to develop a new product packaging, you should know about the modern design trends that are prevailing in 2022.

Creative Fonts

People identify the products based on the name of the brand and the product. So, make sure the name and logo should be easy and clear to read. For instance, if you want a simple design, use a single color for the background and bold, huge font for the product name. The design of minimalist product packaging is still common.

Simplistic Designs

Being simple is sometimes the greatest way to stand noticed. People tend to believe that anything unique, vibrant, boisterous, or bold will always attract attention. But that’s not usually the case with product packaging. Designs for simplistic packaging that highlight brand integrity has a perfect, classic appearance.

Sustainable Packaging

This is an essential step in making environmentally friendly goods and services more accessible, and it forces all stakeholders to act right away. We couldn’t be more delighted with it! For the purpose of assisting companies with packaging and internal communications, Custom Packaging Lane launched the Sustainability initiative. We provide environmentally friendly packaging options and support you every step of the way when going green.

Use Of QR Codes

People value genuineness in brands. Millennials and Gen-Z frequently only purchase from genuine brands. You should therefore make sure that your packaging supports your messaging. It is now challenging to tell fake products from the real thing. Companies like Amazon struggle a lot to identify fake goods in their product listings. In order to verify that goods and trademarks are real, QR codes have become crucial.

Final Thoughts

The demands taste and want of the public influence changes in packaging design trends. Therefore, now is the ideal moment to change your product packaging if you haven’t done so in a while. By cultivating a sense of trust and community with your customers, you can produce packaging designs that properly represent your brand and product.

Jewelry Packaging Ideas 2022

Jewelry packaging plays a significant role in the overall design of your precious ornaments. Jewelry is a delicate and expensive fashionable item; therefore, your packing from covering to box needs to work twice as hard to be both protected and appealing.

Here are the 3 top trending and fantastic jewelry packing ideas below

Luxury Jewelry Packaging

In order for a design to express luxury, it must incorporate some of the design elements that buyers identify with high-end products, such as:

  • a neutral color scheme using white or black as the dominant colors
  • Serif metallic fonts
  • fonts and shapes with angles

Reusable Jewelry Packaging

Not only is reusable jewelry packaging more environmentally friendly, but it also helps to establish brand recognition. There are many other methods to go about it, including using metal tins, drawstring bags, attractive boxes, etc.

Many environmentally conscious jewelry companies employ recycled materials, such as cardboard and plastic, to make their pieces. Others choose to use recycled and repurposed packaging, such as Monbouquette, which chooses to package their goods in previously used Amazon boxes.

Neopunk Jewelry Packaging

Whatever the style of your product, it must be reflected in the packaging designs for jewelry. Therefore, if you choose spikes and skulls over delicate chains and studs, these are excellent themes to have printed on your jewelry box or packing insert.

Dramatic monochrome color schemes are frequently used in this genre to portray to consumers the depth of brand character. Symbolism displays both the bright and the dark sides, which emotionally engages target audiences that can relate to this idea.

Final Words

Because your jewelry is special, present it in a way that emphasizes its uniqueness. The ideal packaging for your flashy ornament serves as a valuable brand asset that customers can’t wait to open, whether it’s a super-luxe textured ring box or a vibrant canvas sachet they will treasure for years.

What are Corrugated Boxes and Why Corrugated Packaging is Safe for Shipping?

Did you know that around 95% of all goods sent in North America are packed in corrugated cardboard?

In fact, corrugated boxes are such a crucial component of our supply chain that packaging companies were still able to run their businesses during the COVID lockdowns.

The multiple layers of corrugated cardboard—an exterior liner, an inner liner, and a fluted layer between the two—make it extremely durable and functional by design.

Corrugated packaging is made to withstand adverse weather conditions, shaking while being transported, abrupt temperature changes, and physical handling while protecting the integrity of the contents. These qualities make it the best material to ship products.

Let’s see how

Versatility of Cardboard Packaging

The versatility of corrugated boxes gives your business more control over the sort of unboxing experience your customers will have when receiving your products. This is important for e-commerce companies shipping consumer items.

There are numerous sizes and shapes available for corrugated cardboard boxes. You have many different types to pick from, ranging from standard slotted, square-shaped containers to full telescope designs for sensitive things. Even better, you can choose a one-piece design, sometimes known as a one-piece folder (OPF). This is particularly advantageous if you need a continuous printing area for graphics.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

Another advantage of corrugated cardboard is that it is made from sustainable sources. These types of packaging are particularly simple to recycle because they are created primarily from renewable resources like trees. Corrugated cardboard packaging can be converted into paper goods and even new boxes when recycled properly.

Adaptable Nature of Flutes

The characteristics of your goods and your delivery requirements will determine the corrugated cardboard packaging design. Fortunately, cardboard corrugated packaging’s adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of sectors.
Heavy medical equipment, automobile parts, and even fresh vegetables can all be shipped in corrugated cardboard containers. At some point, corrugated cardboard will be required by almost every sector that delivers goods.

Need Expert Advice Before Deciding?

Are you confused what shape your corrugated box should be according to your product?
You might not know what corrugated flute will be fit for your product needs because there are so many options available.

Make the best packaging decision for your product and transportation by consulting an expert packaging expert.

Don’t know where to find one?

Custom Packaging Lane is always here to assist you throughout your product’s packaging journey. Get in touch with us right away and let us take care of your product and brand promotion through our bespoke corrugated box packaging.

8 Effective Design Tips for Cosmetic Packaging

When it comes to cosmetics, beauty enthusiasts are constantly drawn to their favorite brands. Building client confidence isn’t easy; it takes a lot of effort and experience. Customized packaging is a useful strategy for cultivating devoted brand ambassadors.

That is why, for promotional purposes, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on personalized cosmetic packaging. Your clients are true nomads when it comes to cosmetics. If people discover their products in intriguing packaging, they will tell others about their enthralling encounter.

For your cosmetic packaging boxes, here are some useful Cosmetic Packaging design tips:

  • Evaluate your targeted audience and their preferences
  • Stick to a minimalistic design approach
  • Go for eco-friendly packaging materials
  • Imprinting of appealing artwork
  • Improve the tactile appeal of boxes with additional features
  • Go for modernized styles
  • Pay focus on the functionality of boxes
  • Always choose a quickly assembled design layout

Always choose a quickly assembled design layout
Cosmetic boxes are created in such a way that the buyer is enthralled by the experience. People will be more likely to buy your products if you can pack them and improve the user experience.

Custom boxes improve the unboxing experience and make customers eager to open their packages. To stay competitive, it’s best if you use superior Cosmetic Box Packaging Suppliers. This will boost your market sales.

In this regard, Custom Packaging Lane’s creative team comes up with the latest market trends and advanced machinery to develop the boxes at affordable prices.