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Baby Announcement Boxes

Congratulations! Your son just had a baby girl! What’s the best way to welcome her to the world? Perhaps spread the joy with some delicious desi treats wrapped snuggly into a beautifully-designed, confetti laden box? It’ll also make for great party favors at children’s birthdays! Don’t discount the value of a cleverly set customized package. Who doesn’t like wrapped, shiny gifts, right? The same logic applies. Trust us.
  • Box with Handle
First it’s a box. Then it’s a carrier box or a take-away box. Now that’s what we call progress and multi-functionality
  • Matchbox style Packaging Box
Normally for matchboxes needing a little spice, but also good for stowing away those small and invaluable accessories to gift to your Significant Other
  • Packaging box with Hanger
A hanger package a day keeps the things-you-value-most-in-a-safe-spot-and-all-forgetfulness at bay. Our clever designs will leave you unable to throw it away!