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Custom Size Cigar Boxes

Cigars are no longer just used to satisfy nicotine cravings; they are also used to demonstrate social status. Cigar enthusiasts do not want to carry this elegant product in drab and unappealing packaging. Custom Packaging Lane has come up with several interesting Custom Size Cigar Boxes to display them effectively in this regard. Because your preferences are our top priority, we customize boxes in any form, size, or style. For the production of bespoke cigar packaging, our tray and sleeve, top flip, side flip, and window types are the most popular. Our material of choice is 100 percent biodegradable and tear-resistant; alternatively, you can use cardboard or Kraft to ensure the longevity of your cigars. Choose from our high-end printing technology, which ranges from offset to digital and includes two color schemes: CMYK and PMS.