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Custom Foldable RIGID Boxes

Due to it’s one of a kind shape and design, they can be unfolded into a flat box for shipping purposes and can be cost effective, hence also called ‘Foldable Rigid Boxes’. The Collapsible Rigid Boxes have magnets inserted in all four corner panels and can also be closed via double tape. So when you fold them into shape, they remain their due to the magnets. Being foldable into flat shape means they take much less space and can save you from that extra shipping cost, all this while providing the same luxury, safety and customization features as our any other Custom Rigid Boxes. If the idea of Custom Collapsible Rigid Boxes excites you, so feel free to contact us to get quick pricing for your Rigid packaging.

Custom two piece RIGID Boxes

Custom Two Piece Rigid Boxes can give a high-end look and hike up the value of your packaged products. The reason it is different from other box styles is the way it is constructed. Two Piece Box, as the name suggests, consists of two separate high end luxury pieces. The Tray and the Lid that slide over each other. The lids on the 2 Piece box are friction locked to the tray which gives it a perfect shut on all four sides and strong structure. We can customize these boxes depending on the product you want to pack. We can print your required logo on the lid of the box. Not only that, we can also print on all sides of the bottom tray and make it branded.