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The effective marketing technique for some lightweight products is that with hang tabs the product can be hung on top of counters. This style can help décor the retail store as well. The store owners keep the products with a hang tab on better display. Custom Hangtags can enable the vendor to be innovative with their packaging. The colors and printing can be customized with premium quality. The popular style is Tuck Flap Window hang tab. The durability of the material also comes to question, the long duration of hanging can make a cheap material flaccid and more likely to tear. The situation can be avoided with our premium material and quality. In the race of marketing, packaging can’t be taken lightly. Custom Packaging Lane is a trusted and time-honored name if you need further evidence the online reviews and our large customer base speak for themselves. We provide free shipment and we don’t leverage any damage in the shipping to our customers. The relationship based on trust and work ethics is very long-lasting and it gives a lot of stability to both businesses. Contact us today and get the advantage of our wholesale rates.