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RIGID Box with Foam Insert

Custom Rigid Boxes are sturdy and secure enough to prevent your products from damaged while handling and shipping. To kick things up a notch, when its about product safety, The Custom Rigid Boxes are best choice to pick and our Custom Die-cut Inserts and rigid boxes with foam is a solution for safe packaging needs. A Custom Insert not only adds to the appeal and the presentation of this box, but also makes sure that the product stays in its place while the box is moved around. Our Custom Die-cut Inserts can be customized in any shape and size to make them a good fit for your product. Rigid boxes with inserts  can be used for the variety of products like cannabis, Cosmetics, serums, bottles  or any other retail or luxury items. Different kind of products might need inserts made of different materials depending on their shape and fragility. The Custom Rigid Boxes offers Custom Inserts in not only Cardboard, but also Charcoal and Eva Foam Insert, which are foam like inserts for more delicate products.