Custom Gable Box

When you require an appealing promotional box to package your goods, these unique custom gable boxes are a fantastic alternative. The body and base of such gable boxes may be folded flat to save space. These gable-style boxes have a top-opening design that provides sufficient inner space as well as a stylish and practical carrying handle. Customized windows allow you to display your aromatherapy items appealingly.

Looking for custom printed gable boxes to hold your prized possessions or delectable delicacies? Our packaging will satisfy your desire for aromatherapy gable boxes by giving you the precise and precise gable boxes you require. Along with excellence, we also provide a wide range of customizing possibilities. For example, you can design it, change the size, pick the shape, as well as the order amount. As a result, you will receive a beautiful custom-made gable box for your prized possessions.

To get pleasure, use three different and practical inspection procedures. Don’t be concerned about the costs; you will be able to obtain all of these outstanding services for really low costs. Above all, once your boxes are formed, you will receive them at your doorway through our worldwide shipping, which is free in the United States. So, instead of wasting your valuable time, choose the appropriate bundle and place your order right now.

Give a Chance to the stylish Gable boxes for better marketing:

The style that intrigues people's curiosity is always a good marketing step. We can attract the client with stylish gable box packaging. The style presents quite elegantly and we don’t need premium stock and artwork to establish his element. Custom Packaging Lane provides efficient and easy to manage designs of gable boxes. The style focuses on die-line proficiency. The most notable factor is the customized handle on the top. The closing of the open end is done with the flaps tucking into each other and forming a handle. There are variations in the die-line. CPL artisans have created the design which keeps it durable with easy assembly. The handle is used for portability and the inter-locked flaps need to make sure that they can be weight-bearing so the handle can be useful. This box has limited the use of paper bags. The design factors can use some add-on options to make it look exclusive and unique. The boxes look presentable even with minimal printing. This description will elaborate on its uses and the contributing factors to its creation.  

Themed Gable Boxes:

The time of festivities like custom christmas gable box, valentines day,  Easter, or any national day has most gifts exchanged. We witness the gable gift boxes everywhere in the market. The box is a frequent choice for the bakery items like cakes and cookies. The themed gable boxes spread the festivity all around and people feel a particular wave of festivities all around. The Christmas-themed boxes, with images related to it, red and green color gives the vibe of a joyous occasion, the vibrant colors are good for motivating people. The themed boxes can be according to any mega-sports event like Olympics or championships, superball, etc. CPL artistically provides all kinds of customization. We don’t just amalgamate images, we have qualified and creative designers who can also please the aesthetic sense of buyers.  

Stock Requirements:

The die-line for this style requires flexible stock. The whole design depends on the folding, creasing, and interlocking of flaps. The base is flat, the customization can provide the chance to use premium material for the base and the wall can have flexible cardboard or kraft. The regular quality of cardboard, around 18 or 20 pt can suffice for gable boxes. The virgin kraft material is also a frequent choice. The bakery industry adopts the custom gable boxes wholesale for their packaging needs. The kraft stock is FDA approved for food packaging so it becomes the first choice of bakery owners. Both materials are durable and elegant to make a nice packaging. the flexibility they provide is vital for this style.  

Design Elements:

The design initiates with the styling, then goes for the artwork but the mandatory portion is the placement of branding elements. The gable boxes have many turns and folds, the side walls make the triangular design with the base. The proper branding needs a front and flat surface. CPL also offers exquisite and unique logo designs and our packaging design will ensure their right placement. Brand recognition and establishment depend on these aspects. The shoppers need to recognize your identity and remember it. Design patterns are different according to the purpose of gable box packaging. The gable boxes mostly serve as
  • Bakery packaging
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Candle Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
All these industries have different purposes, situations as well as the target market. So the approach of artwork and branding differs. CPL is an established name and we have reached this status by understanding the depth of this craft. Our expert designers can manage any pattern and demand very well. The design also accommodates and utilizes the add-on options for customization. The popular and suitable design add-on options are as follows:
  • Customized inserts: the subscription boxes with more than one smaller product require customized inserts of either cardboard or form to fit the products inside. Subscription boxes have to travel as well and it is important for product safety that they have customized inserts.
  • Display Window: The customized dimensions of display windows adds a design feature. It allows the product to show its intricacies and attract customers. Custom Bakery Boxes mostly use display windows.
  • Die-cutting: this technique is used to customize display windows as well as to add a style element. The flap's interlocking is also made sure with the precise die-cutting. It can produce any pattern or window in the box.
  • Perforation: this makes the folding of flaps easier. Perforation is many tiny dot cuts of the box. It is used to make the tear from a specific portion easier and the folding of stock.
  • Ribbons and Bows: needless to say that these add-ons enhance the look of gift boxes.

Wholesale custom Gable Box Packaging

CPL offers custom kraft gable packaging boxes with a logo. The Printing may be minimal but the branding requires it. the anonymous boxes serve no purpose in market. The vendor should evaluate their needs in detail and get the benefit of the wholesale offer. It keeps the per box price in low ranges and the vendor can manage an affordable price. Expensive packaging means a high rate of the product, which can disturb the sales. In bulk orders, the quality remains the same. Both parties concerned reap the benefit as the resources get saved. The custom gable gift boxes can be stored flat, thus they take less place. Our proficient technique doesn’t let the shine and finishes fade in the storage time. The printing and design both have the excellence any vendor would want.  

Why choose us:

We offer our clients free design consultation with the 3D mock-up designs. The customer approves the designs and we welcome all the required changes. On top of that, we provide free shipment and don’t put any liability on our worthy customers. We have maintained our quality assurance. We have dealt with various designs for custom printed gable boxes We don’t require you to trust our word, we rely on the reputation that precedes us. Ask our former clients if they are satisfied or not or you can simply look at the reviews of our customers on our website. Feel free to send an email at or You can also call us at (800)338-0144.


Aqueous Coating

Blind Embossing
Colorfull Foiling


Die Cutout


Foil Stamping

Gloss & Matte Lamination
PVC Window
Soft Touch
Spot UV


GSM – Density of Card stock
PT – Thickness of Card stock
Flutes - Fiberboard arches between two linerboards.

Cardboard Thickness

White Cardstock is premium-grade paperboard that comes in pure white color shade. It has bleached surface on one side which makes it perfect to print vibrant designs. (SBS) Card stock is made from wood pulp which has 20% recycle & 80% harvested wooden chips material processed chemically. White Card Stock is mostly used for custom printing purposes because it has optimal surface and has stiff glossy material which creates high quality results and fits best for all types of packaging needs.

In order to make your packaging more unique, Card stock can also be easily cut, foil stamped, UV and embossed. All these coating can be easily applied for cardstock. And the great thing is we have multiple options in terms of paper thickness which you can select according to your product and packaging requirements. Card stock is ideal for retail packaging, food packaging and cosmetic packaging.

Paperboard Grammage Conversion Table

Pasestock Properties (Units) Nominal Basis Weight (GSM) Caliper (Inches) Commonly Used For
12pt 250gsm 0.012" Bags, envelops
14pt 275gsm 0.014" Bags, invitation cards
16pt 300gsm 0.016" All type of small size Retail Packaging
18pt 350gsm 0.018" All box packaging
24pt 420gsm 0.024" Heavy duty boxes
28pt 520gsm 0.028" heavy-duty luxury boxes


Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Screen Printing

UV Printing


Black Kraft

Brown Corrugated

Brown Kraft

Bux Board Card


Metallic Paper

Pearl Card

Rigid Stock


White Card Stock

White Corrugate

White Kraft



Artwork Die-line Guides

File Resolution:

We accept Ai, PSD or CDR format or minimum 300 DPI resolution for TIFF images is required


For Printing purposes, we need CMYK or PMS files. RGB color mode is not used for printing purposes as RGB is mostly used for digital media display so submit your art files in CMYK color mode or mention the Pantone code.

Bleed, Cutline and Safety

Add a total of 0.25” to your original size for proper bleed. (0.125” to each side of your document), Design that touches the cutline should be stretched out to the red line.

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