Toy Display Boxes

Toys are part of everybody’s childhood, they play a significant role in shaping the personality of growing children. Thus the colors and shapes are important. It is the most basic principle of marketing that you have to attract a target audience and in the case of toys, the young kids do it. Displaying the toy in a shop is a very effective strategy. Custom Toy Display Box is customized to have a PVC window to display the toy and also save it from the kid as they tend to grab the thing and can harm it. This sort of packaging saves from environmental factors like wind, dust, and temperature. The printing uses vibrant color schemes and big fonts for writing to make children attracted to it. A box can also have a printed puzzle or a coloring object as an added sale factor. CPL provides fine printing and style appropriation for packaging. We understand how the refinement in the work can enhance a business exponentially. In a competitive market, we strive for the best with our latest printing and design technologies. Contact us today and get a deal for yourself.

We will convert your simple toy display boxes to an amazing one

Custom counter display boxes combine packaging and advertising into one convenient package. We design unique packaging boxes made of the highest quality cardboard to complement your business and goods. Retail display packaging is indeed a specialty of our packaging. We can create custom printed counter display boxes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to help you meet your sales goals. One of the major issues of a retail store as well as supermarket owners are displaying products properly but in the most captivating manner possible. Custom Counter Display Boxes are one plus the best investment you'll ever make in your company. The boxes are made to carry a variety of things and display them. The Custom Counter Display Boxes are best used on the counter, where customers can easily view them. We are as your packaging firm, are committed to producing boxes that meet your exact needs.

We provide the customization for your toy boxes:

Our counter display boxes are designed specifically for your goods. Optional tear-away panels and dividers are available to assist organize your products and give them a nice visual appearance. We make sure that your point-of-sale cardboard displays are perfect. We provide a variety of counter display box styles that could be used in a variety of applications. Our countertop cardboard display boxes may present your products to clients and drive purchases, whether you need to display toys, cell phone accessories, or sweets. Our custom counter display boxes, like most of our bespoke boxes, are flattened for easy shipment and to ensure that our clients get the exact amount they need in one go. With its preset folds, assembly is quick and uncomplicated, and the product is sturdy enough to endure a long time. Our bespoke counter displays packaging are indeed an easy and affordable way to market practically any item. We print great-quality; custom-printed countertop display packaging to match your specific requirements. Countertop display packaging offers a wide number of customization choices, making them an excellent method to help your goods stand out to interested customers.


Aqueous Coating

Blind Embossing
Colorfull Foiling


Die Cutout


Foil Stamping

Gloss & Matte Lamination
PVC Window
Soft Touch
Spot UV


GSM – Density of Card stock
PT – Thickness of Card stock
Flutes - Fiberboard arches between two linerboards.

Cardboard Thickness

White Cardstock is premium-grade paperboard that comes in pure white color shade. It has bleached surface on one side which makes it perfect to print vibrant designs. (SBS) Card stock is made from wood pulp which has 20% recycle & 80% harvested wooden chips material processed chemically. White Card Stock is mostly used for custom printing purposes because it has optimal surface and has stiff glossy material which creates high quality results and fits best for all types of packaging needs.

In order to make your packaging more unique, Card stock can also be easily cut, foil stamped, UV and embossed. All these coating can be easily applied for cardstock. And the great thing is we have multiple options in terms of paper thickness which you can select according to your product and packaging requirements. Card stock is ideal for retail packaging, food packaging and cosmetic packaging.

Paperboard Grammage Conversion Table

Pasestock Properties (Units) Nominal Basis Weight (GSM) Caliper (Inches) Commonly Used For
12pt 250gsm 0.012" Bags, envelops
14pt 275gsm 0.014" Bags, invitation cards
16pt 300gsm 0.016" All type of small size Retail Packaging
18pt 350gsm 0.018" All box packaging
24pt 420gsm 0.024" Heavy duty boxes
28pt 520gsm 0.028" heavy-duty luxury boxes


Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Screen Printing

UV Printing


Black Kraft

Brown Corrugated

Brown Kraft

Bux Board Card


Metallic Paper

Pearl Card

Rigid Stock


White Card Stock

White Corrugate

White Kraft



Artwork Die-line Guides

File Resolution:

We accept Ai, PSD or CDR format or minimum 300 DPI resolution for TIFF images is required


For Printing purposes, we need CMYK or PMS files. RGB color mode is not used for printing purposes as RGB is mostly used for digital media display so submit your art files in CMYK color mode or mention the Pantone code.

Bleed, Cutline and Safety

Add a total of 0.25” to your original size for proper bleed. (0.125” to each side of your document), Design that touches the cutline should be stretched out to the red line.

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