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100ml E Liquid Boxes

Get the ultimate protection for your glass and dropper bottles, by obtaining custom made 100ml E liquid boxes from Custom Packaging Lane. Our packaging supplies come with all the materials that you need to have an impressive presentation of your products. We manufacture all our boxes utilizing high quality precision, die cutting techniques which give your glass bottles for perfumes, tincture oils, and cosmetic skin care a perfect fit. We manufacture these using high-quality materials, which includes precision die cutting techniques and food safe tape seals for a perfect fit for every item. These custom made 100ml bottle boxes will keep your products safe from scratches, dents and damaging heat so that you can be sure about delivering them intact to your customers. They are perfectly sized for standard 50ml & 100ml amber glass bottles and feature a simple but effective design which ensures all of your product remains together in one piece when delivered to customers

30ml E Liquid Boxes

As we all know smoking is injurious to health. So, people are turning to vape which doesn’t impose detrimental health impacts. E-liquid is the flavor that is used in the vape and is composed of different ingredients. People want to look stylish while smoking. So, this product should be packed in fascinating packaging that provides an elegant appearance. Custom E-Liquid Boxes are a great way to assure product integrity while also improving your brand limelight. If you are looking for an eminent box packaging supplier, Custom Packaging Lane would be your ideal place! The skilled engineers and designers bring your box a highly tangible look that would be in your imagination. Our high-tech printing techniques and durable packaging materials assure product security and aesthetic appeal to the utmost level. Our branded 30ml E-Liquid Boxes have enough space to feature branding elements that help your buyers to identify your brand among rivals. You can check our customer’s reviews to get an honest idea about our services. What are you waiting for? Get an instant quote!

Allergy Test Kit Boxes

Are you Guys Facing challenges to find your Perfect Printing & Packaging Partner for your Test Kit Boxes ? We operate in USA, CA, AU & UAE with Free Shipping. Our packaging experts help you from scratch till end, our hustle free services deliver quality through swift process. We can help you to create DNA test kit, Testosterone test kit, Allergy test kit, Pregnancy test kit, Food Sensitivity test kit, Vitamin Test Kit, Lyme Disease test kit, STD kit, HIV test kit, and all other Health test kits.
Printing Types Offset Printing - Digital Printing – Flexo Printing – Pantone Matching
Material Options Card Stock – Brown Kraft – Corrugated – Texture Stock – Luxury Rigid
Special Finishes Foil Stamp – Spot UV – Die Cutting – Window – Embossing/Debossing

Anti-Aging Mask Boxes

Wrinkling is the problem that rises within the growing age. This major problem is elucidated with the help of anti-aging masks.  There are a lot of similar products that are flooding the saturated market. The first thing that influences cosmetic lovers is colorful, fascinating packaging. We at Custom Packaging Lane come up with multiple customization options for the personalization of Custom Anti-Aging Mask Boxes to get potential buyers' attention. By providing the size, weight, and dimension of the box, our expert designers will provide you with many design templates with versatile assembling options. The choice of paper stock for manufacturing is yours, but you can get in touch with our material analysts for a better approach that helps you to gain customer confidence. You can opt for cardboard, rigid, Kraft, and corrugated paper stock as per product suitability. Cardboard Anti-Aging Mask Boxes are engraved with raised printing patterns for branding purposes.  To highlight your product with security on retail shelves is our topmost priority. We don't charge any kind of shipping and designing charges. Get an instant quote!

Apparel Boxes

The textile industry is booming and always manage to create a buzz for all sort of people. Clothing is basic need of human beings so the scope is very wide. The fashion industry has an annual revenue of billions of Dollars. Custom Packaging Lane specializes in Custom Apparel Boxes.  They are the most running item of our company. With so much saturation in the market the pressure of being distinctive and creative raises. The subscription services for clothing are also the highest as compared to any other industry. The safe shipment of clothes is also a perk of apparel industry. Our premium quality and thoughtful boxes ensure the safety of the items. The design and state-of-the-art printing techniques are bound to make the buyer excited.  We give a free hand to our customers to be as selective as he wants with the various options. Our artisans can handle any design pattern with utmost precision. We have professionals to explain the technical aspects of every step. We provide free 3D mock-ups to our customers for their satisfaction. Contact and tell us your vision we will create a reality that you can be proud of.

Appliances Boxes

The industry of automotive parts doesn’t pay much attention to eminent packaging but with the changing marketing trends, they need to ponder on that aspect. Custom Packaging Lane is the company that provides affordable yet distinctive and durable packaging. we can help you highlight the distinguishing features of your product. To attract a more customer base the companies have to accept the changing dynamics of marketing. The packaging gives the first impression to the buyer and it communicates the sophistication and mindset of the vendor. Custom Automotive Boxes help achieve the goals of communication with the customers. The design and printing include the color and theme. Printing has various formats like CMYK, RGB, PMS, you can contact our customer service and get details about these. Make an informed decision for your business. The cardboard stock also has various varieties regarding durability and finishing, various style options can suit your product better. We provide free design

Aroma Candle Boxes

We help candle makers by offering custom printed aroma candle boxes for a variety of products, including pyramid style aroma candles, round candles, thin candles, aroma jar candles, aroma novelty candles, fragrance candles, pillars, stunning tapers, and much more. Every style of candle demands special care when it comes to packaging, and our skilled graphic artists do an excellent job at it. Our design assistance is completely free, so feel free to talk to our experts about your needs. On our webpage, you may see a variety of example designs to get a sense of what is currently popular in the market. Alternatively, you are invited to offer your style, and our professionals will make your vision come true! Aroma Candle Boxes Packaging in a variety of colorful and decoration possibilities will be able to capture the interest of a wide variety of client audiences. Colors should be chosen based on the sort of candle and the attitude you want to project to your clients. Not only that, however, we exclusively use the most modern printing technology available, which allows us to reproduce any text or image in excellent quality. When exposed to moisture, we ensure that our high-quality printing will not become smudged or blurred. Customize your Aroma Candle Boxes Wholesale Packaging featuring your company's logo by utilizing various types of cute and flashy ribbons, faux flowers, as well as other embellishments that will help your product item stand out on store shelves plus encourage customers to buy from you. We invest a lot of effort into raising your sales and improving your brand's image.

Aromatherapy Gable Boxes

Choose custom-designed gable box packaging to make aromatherapy goods more visible to customers. When you require an appealing promotional box to package your aromatherapy goods, these unique custom aromatherapy gable boxes are a fantastic alternative. The body and base of such aromatherapy gable boxes may be folded flat to save space. These gable-style boxes have a top-opening design that provides sufficient inner space as well as a stylish and practical carrying handle. Customized windows allow you to display your aromatherapy items appealingly. Looking for custom aromatherapy gable boxes to hold your prized possessions or delectable delicacies? Our packaging will satisfy your desire for aromatherapy gable boxes by giving you the precise and precise gable boxes you require. Along with excellence, we also provide a wide range of customizing possibilities. For example, you can design it, change the size, pick the shape, as well as the order amount. As a result, you will receive a beautiful custom-made gable box for your prized possessions. To get pleasure, use three different and practical inspection procedures. Don't be concerned about the costs; you will be able to obtain all of these outstanding services for really low costs. Above all, once your boxes are formed, you will receive them at your doorway through our worldwide shipping, which is free in the United States. So, instead of wasting your valuable time, choose the appropriate bundle and place your order right now

Aromatherapy Soap Packaging

Every single passer-by will be drawn to the attractive packaging of custom aromatherapy soap boxes. Professionally presenting an item is an art, because our packaging is a master at it. Clients can feel the silky texture and envision the aroma of soaps simply by looking at our unique aromatherapy soap boxes. For delicate goods like soap, professionally tailored packaging with small embellishments is ideal. We provide great-quality printing, bespoke sizes as well as shapes, eco-friendly materials, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times. So, what do you have to lose? To enhance your sales as well as attract a larger audience, choose the best personalized aromatherapy soap boxes featuring logos. Simply use our packaging services to launch your new soap brand into the market. By utilizing our personalized boxes, we will ensure complete customer happiness as well as consistent corporate earnings. Is there anyone you know that doesn't use soap? Isn't that correct? Here's a fun fact for you to consider. Expert Market Research estimates that by the end of 2022, the soap sector will have grown from $18 million to $24 million. This is because, in recent years, numerous small enterprises have developed handcrafted aromatherapy soaps. One of the specific goals is to use chemical-free organic aromatherapy soaps. Millions of specialized boxes are necessary to accommodate this tremendous demand. Our packaging understands that an impending personalized aromatherapy soap box is worth capturing the customer’s interest from previous soap sellers. We make the best custom printed aromatherapy soap boxes featuring a logo that exactly meets your needs so you can start making money right away.

Automotive Boxes

The industry of automotive parts doesn’t pay much attention to eminent packaging but with the changing marketing trends, they need to ponder on that aspect. Custom Packaging Lane is the company that provides affordable yet distinctive and durable packaging. we can help you highlight the distinguishing features of your product. To attract a more customer base the companies have to accept the changing dynamics of marketing. The packaging gives the first impression to the buyer and it communicates the sophistication and mindset of the vendor. Custom Automotive Boxes help achieve the goals of communication with the customers. The design and printing include the color and theme. Printing has various formats like CMYK, RGB, PMS, you can contact our customer service and get details about these. Make an informed decision for your business. The cardboard stock also has various varieties regarding durability and finishing, various style options can suit your product better. We provide free design

Baby Announcement Boxes

Congratulations! Your son just had a baby girl! What’s the best way to welcome her to the world? Perhaps spread the joy with some delicious desi treats wrapped snuggly into a beautifully-designed, confetti laden box? It’ll also make for great party favors at children’s birthdays! Don’t discount the value of a cleverly set customized package. Who doesn’t like wrapped, shiny gifts, right? The same logic applies. Trust us.
  • Box with Handle
First it’s a box. Then it’s a carrier box or a take-away box. Now that’s what we call progress and multi-functionality
  • Matchbox style Packaging Box
Normally for matchboxes needing a little spice, but also good for stowing away those small and invaluable accessories to gift to your Significant Other
  • Packaging box with Hanger
A hanger package a day keeps the things-you-value-most-in-a-safe-spot-and-all-forgetfulness at bay. Our clever designs will leave you unable to throw it away!

Baby Product Boxes

The baby product packaging boxes with hanger tabs are made of high-quality, robust cardboard to ensure that the box packaging can withstand the weight of various baby products. The box construction has been created with a simple open and close flap for easy product sliding in for secure packaging. Attract your product buyers through custom packaging of your choice in the perfect turnaround time frame. Present your innovative ideas to tempt the little angels into buying your products like plastic feeders, nipples, toys, soothers, baby monitor packaging, etc. Custom packaging lane is a well-known manufacturer of baby product boxes using digital printing processes and sturdy cardboard stock. You can choose from a variety of design possibilities at our website! Experiment and explore to your heart's content!

Bacon Boxes

Bacon is generally kept in the open air for sales and this is the reason it is prone to hazardous microorganisms that won't just make it harmful for the human wellbeing but also make the bacon lose its freshness. To take into account this issue, Custom Packaging Lane gives you heavy-duty yet alluring Custom Bacon Boxes that are remarkable to save your bacon from getting damaged by coming in touch with dampness, give them a tempting appearance, and convince customers to buy your products right away. We utilize well-processed packaging material to make your Custom Printed Bacon Boxes and print them with your brand slogan to gain the attention of potential buyers. With the guidance of our designers, you can design your food boxes in multiple shapes, styles, and designs directly as indicated by your necessities.  You can feature enormous prettification features like lamination, foiling, embossing, debossing, PVC windows, and dividers to enhance the outer gaze of boxes. Simply call us or send us an email and find the support of our talented sales agents to design your boxes as you imagined. Shop now! We would like to work with you. 

Baguette Boxes

Are you looking for the most trusted box packaging supplier that manufactures your packaging boxes in such a way that keeps the baguette fresh and hygienic? Custom Baguette Boxes personalized by Custom Packaging Lane are implausible to increase market shares of your scrumptious baguettes. Get your imaginary ideas into realistic ones to catch the attention of food lovers with the assistance of our experts. You can imprint nutritional labels, and colorful graphics on these boxes to keep customers updated about the product. We utilize advanced printing machinery that provides error-free printing solutions. Custom Printed Baguette Boxes are made up of moisture-resistant sustainable, and sturdy cardboard packaging material that provides you mental satisfaction regarding the safety of baked products. PVC windows incorporation allows consumers to have a quick glimpse of a product encased in packaging before purchasing. Create the best style for baguette boxes by getting assistance from our experts. So, what are you waiting for? Show now! And enjoy the leisure of free shipping throughout the USA, UK, and Canada. Get in touch to find out more. 

Bath Bomb Boxes

The beautiful scents and feathery combination of bath bombs make them a trendy item these days. This aesthetic product needs to be packed in fascinating packaging to lure customers' attention. We at Custom Packaging Lane are here to meet all your packaging specifications as per modernized market trends. Custom Bath Bomb Boxes are available in different styles, shapes, and design templates to encase these bath essentials with authentic appeal and security. We are a renowned packaging supplier in the field of printing and packaging and satisfying our customers all around the world. The primary purpose of packaging is assured by utilizing durable and eco-friendly cardboard, Kraft packaging material that protects these delicate products from cracks during shipping and storage. With the help of our experts and in-house graphics digital and offset printing techniques are used to imprint brands logos, names, and colorful graphics that help to distinguish your brand from the rest of the crowd. Our endless enhancement features like embossing, debossing, finishing, windows, and sleeves on Bath Bomb Packaging Boxes can be incorporated. To explore more about customized boxes get in touch with our sales agents. Place your order now at affordable rates to improve your brand limelight. 

bath set boxes

Everyone takes care of him/herself and most of the individuals are style-conscious. They pay attention to outer appearance which they buy for their personal care. Many brands are providing similar products in the market, to set apart your brand and personal care items Custom Bath Set Boxes are an elegant choice. Custom Packaging Lane brings endless customization options to tailor your boxes in any customized shape, style, and design as per product appropriateness. Rigid, cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft paper stock is available in our packaging material library. We utilize high-quality ink and printing machinery to print on eco-friendly boxes.  You can choose anyone and material thickness as per your product preference. The design templates are selected by the latest market trends with the assistance of our skilled graphic designers. Our Custom Printed Bath Set Boxes are further enticed with our multiple additional features like bows, ribbons, window panes, die-cut designs, embossing, debossing, foiling, and finishing.  What are you waiting for? Buy now! To avail of our wholesale offers. 

BB Cream Boxes

BB cream is the most widely used makeup product in women's daily life. These creams help to maintain their facial beauty. We see many cream manufacturers are emerging in the market and to stand out from your products a cosmetic brand needs to adopt enchanting packaging. Deliver your BB creams to the subscriber's doorsteps with our astonishing Custom BB Cream Boxes that make them fall in love with your products. We manufacture your cream boxes from resilient cardboard paper stock that not only allow makeup lovers to carry this product in their handbags but also improve the visual appeal of creams in the eyes of potential buyers. The visual presentation of Custom Printed BB Cream Boxes is allured with our exceptional digital and offset printing techniques that help to promote your products. Design every inch of your box with the guidance of our designers and engineers to make them appear the way you have imagined. Choose from our endless finishing, and foiling options to impress your buyers with something exciting. Hurry up! Place your order now to reward your brand with extra benefits in terms of cost and quality. 

Beard balm boxes

Beard is considered as a fashion statement among a new generation. Beard balm is one of the remarkable cosmetic products that help men to maintain their beard growth. To impart a favorable image of your brand, innovative Custom Beard Balm Boxes increase the life of your product. The expert designers and manufacturers of Custom Packaging Lane utilize the latest market trends to tailor boxes with versatile design templates. Raised printed patterns, eye-catchy images, colorful graphics, and the company's logo on customized boxes can act as a game-changer for your brand's prosperity. We have multiple layout options ranging from cubicle to rectangular shapes as per beard balm bottles dimension. Cardboard Beard Balm Boxes are reinforced with custom inserts that assure the integrity of beard balm bottles for a longer-term during transport and storage. Our captivating additional features such as foil stamping, finishing, embossing, debossing, lamination, and window patching provoke consumers to purchase your products. Contact us via email, phone, or live chat to get packaging boxes with logos at affordable prices. We will be pleased to serve you with the best. 

Beard Cream Boxes

In the last decades, beauty-conscious people have started using beard creams to keep their beards in shape. This is what revolutionized the beard products industry. To mark your brand as a distinctive identity, Custom Beard Cream Boxes are an effective choice. We here at Custom Packaging Lane personalize your boxes with the sleekest designs and styles. Our material analyst tear-resistant cardboard, corrugated, and rigid paper stock with special partitions and custom inserts that keep beard cream bottles at their proper place. Our printed Beard Cream Boxes give your product a complete and comprehensive presentation. The shape, size, and color of the boxes are chosen based on consumer specifications and the box is then embellished with foil stamping, embossing, debossing, coating, and window patching. The important thing is to impart the company's slogan, name, and product specifications on the most evident part of the box. Pick up your phone and dial our number to get an instant quote!