Candle boxes

Candles are a symbol of light that enlightens our lives. Candles are utilized at various events like birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, or even at a grieved ceremony. To enhance the aesthetic sense of these candles, they need to be encased in exquisite Custom Candle Boxes. Are you looking for exceptional and pocket-friendly packaging? Bingo! Custom Packaging Lane is the right place for you to solve your packaging concerns. We have a team of professional designers and engineers that work in a close-knit way to deliver the finest quality boxes. You can get these boxes in any shape, size, design, and dimension as per candle suitability. Custom Printed Candle Boxes are featured with custom inserts to keep scented candles intact and at their proper place. Our elegant additional features include embossing, debossing, foil stamping, lamination, window patching, and perforation. Rigid Candles Boxes are four times thicker than other paper stock and provide a luxurious appearance to candles. A company’s slogan, name, and tagline are printed on an evident portion of the box with our exceptional printing techniques.  Contact us now! To avail of our wholesale offer. 

We provide safe Candle Packaging with eloquent design to match your Candle Boxes:

Candles spread light and in today's world, they are a source of happiness for many people. We see an increase in demand for Custom Candle Boxes even though the masses don’t require them to spread light. Scented candles are a major part of aromatherapy. The candles serve the purpose of decoration as well as diffusion of pleasing aroma candles. The nice environment that they create calms the nerves and provides aesthetic pleasure. The packaging should always complement the product, as the core purpose is branding so the box needs to be at its best. Custom Packaging Lane understands this notion and brainstorms ideas to be exclusive yet delightful in the design approach. If you want a striking box that attracts the target market then you need to focus on each aspect of the packaging. Each industry comes with its own demands, the vendor should decide on the marketing strategy before deciding on the packaging style. The budget for packaging needs to be clear as candles are popular among the working and aristocratic classes. Due to such a wide audience, the Small Candle Boxes show a broad variation.

The variety of Custom Boxes Stock and its utility:

The paper-stock packaging has evolved a lot due to its huge demand and the eco-sustainable aspect. The packaging is also manageable and economical for the vendors. Each material has many qualities to choose from. The vendor can customize their boxes with appropriate quality. The cardboard stock has various qualities according to the GSM, we have qualities available from 16pt to 24 pt. The 20pt cardboard can suffice for the product packaging. The flexibility of material keeps the die-line manageable and we can go for various tweaks in the style. The stock can be presented nicely with any sort of printing. The corrugated material has the types based on the flute size, the common qualities are c-flute, E flute, etc. The flute size determines the shock absorption quality. The ridges on the material give Candle Packaging a stylish look. The material ensures the safety of the product. Kraft and Rigid are also the options for candle packaging. As we already know that the customer base is wide and it serves more than one purpose. The Candles are also a very popular gift item, so we can utilize rigid material for gift packaging.  the eco-friendly Kraft material both in raw color and black color is desirable to communicate the eco-friendly aspect. Each material can have style options. the competitive market for candles has made room for many styling experiments. The product is regarded as luxury so it can have flexible rates but the box needs to attract the customer.

Boxes Styling options:

Custom Packaging Lane has styling experts who come up with different Candle Packaging Ideas for each vendor. We have a dedicated portfolio for the candle packaging ideas only. The popular style for candle packaging is the tuck-end and tuck-front box, the bottom has the auto-lock. This style can be very feasibly managed with cardboard, corrugated, and kraft. The flexible materials can have any sort of die-line. The rigid material which is mostly used as a gift packaging for candles can be customized into the two-piece box, three-piece boxes, and magnetic flap boxes. These styles and material is regarded as luxury so a vendor should only go for them if the target market has a high-paying capacity. Various styling elements can be customized on the boxes, like display windows, die-cutting, customized inserts, liners, etc. The style gets accentuated with these techniques and it does not look plain. A thoughtful packaging suggests that the product is respected by the manufacturers. The styling can use many different approaches as well.

Candle Boxes Branding:

Customization of a box has the purpose of establishing the recognition of the vendor or a brand. The design elements include the careful placement of all endorsement elements on the flamboyant Candle Box Packaging. The fine styles, stock and printing combine to give a nicer pitch for branding. The logo design and the right placement is the forte of Custom Packaging Lane. We fully concentrate on the presentation of the box and make sure that people will remember who was so elegant with their choices.

Candle Boxes Artwork :

The other design element is the artwork. Graphic designers take up the artwork and branding simultaneously. In the candle industry, the artwork mostly consists of some artistic floral designs. There can be various other options as well. The placement of branding elements in coherence with artwork is the test of skill for any packaging company.

Candle Packaging Printing:

The last step of packaging is printing. The all-digital formats get translated into reality with printing. The printing is related to color saturation, tone adjustment, shade palatte,etc. The PMS system of color can provide the best results with a minimum margin of error. The CMYK format is also very efficient in the commercial market. The printing method is also a vital choice for the vendor, to give a required look to Custom Printed Candle Boxes.  Offset printing provides high resolution and fast turnout. Custom Packaging Lane is well-equipped with modern printing techniques. like the digital method and UV printing. The finishing is required for a smoother look and durability of the box. the box should be able to sustain long storage. The luster and shine must not fade. The Matt lamination, Gloss Lamination, and aqueous coating, all present an adequate look for the box.

Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale:

The customization of candle boxes may require premium options, as the regal look can only be achieved with the finest. Custom Packaging Lane understands the market potential so by evaluating the demands of the market and the capacity of the vendor, we offer Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes. The per box cost is reduced. The price tag of the product does not get too steep and both partners can enjoy the benefits.

Why CPL:

We offer our clients free design consultation with the 3D mock-up designs. The customer approves the designs and we welcome all the required changes. On top of that we provide free shipment and don’t put any liability on our worthy customer. We have maintained our quality assurance. We don’t require you to trust our word, we rely on the reputation that precedes us. Ask our former clients if they are satisfied or not or you can simply look at the reviews of our customers on our website. Feel free to send an email at or You can also call us at (800)338-0144.  



Aqueous Coating

Blind Embossing
Colorfull Foiling


Die Cutout


Foil Stamping

Gloss & Matte Lamination
PVC Window
Soft Touch
Spot UV


GSM – Density of Card stock
PT – Thickness of Card stock
Flutes - Fiberboard arches between two linerboards.

Cardboard Thickness

White Cardstock is premium-grade paperboard that comes in pure white color shade. It has bleached surface on one side which makes it perfect to print vibrant designs. (SBS) Card stock is made from wood pulp which has 20% recycle & 80% harvested wooden chips material processed chemically. White Card Stock is mostly used for custom printing purposes because it has optimal surface and has stiff glossy material which creates high quality results and fits best for all types of packaging needs.

In order to make your packaging more unique, Card stock can also be easily cut, foil stamped, UV and embossed. All these coating can be easily applied for cardstock. And the great thing is we have multiple options in terms of paper thickness which you can select according to your product and packaging requirements. Card stock is ideal for retail packaging, food packaging and cosmetic packaging.

Paperboard Grammage Conversion Table

Pasestock Properties (Units) Nominal Basis Weight (GSM) Caliper (Inches) Commonly Used For
12pt 250gsm 0.012" Bags, envelops
14pt 275gsm 0.014" Bags, invitation cards
16pt 300gsm 0.016" All type of small size Retail Packaging
18pt 350gsm 0.018" All box packaging
24pt 420gsm 0.024" Heavy duty boxes
28pt 520gsm 0.028" heavy-duty luxury boxes


Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Screen Printing

UV Printing


Black Kraft

Brown Corrugated

Brown Kraft

Bux Board Card


Metallic Paper

Pearl Card

Rigid Stock


White Card Stock

White Corrugate

White Kraft



Artwork Die-line Guides

File Resolution:

We accept Ai, PSD or CDR format or minimum 300 DPI resolution for TIFF images is required


For Printing purposes, we need CMYK or PMS files. RGB color mode is not used for printing purposes as RGB is mostly used for digital media display so submit your art files in CMYK color mode or mention the Pantone code.

Bleed, Cutline and Safety

Add a total of 0.25” to your original size for proper bleed. (0.125” to each side of your document), Design that touches the cutline should be stretched out to the red line.

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