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16 Wishes Candle Box Template

16 Wishes Candle Box Template: A Box of Illuminated Happiness!

Can you imagine a birthday without cake, candles, or balloons? Well, everything is replaceable but candles have a special place in our hearts when it comes to celebrating our special day. We can say their presence is inevitable for the birthday celebrations! After all, candles symbolize love and joy. They provide a feeling of warmth, and serenity and make the environment quite exotic. 

According to millennials, 16 is the beginning of adulthood, and blowing a cake with a total of 16 candles can attract peace and success. Therefore, in this blog, we will indulge in the immersive experience of exploring a 16-Wishes Candle Box Template infused with all the sentiments regarding the festivities of the birthday. 

Investing in 16 Wishes Candle Boxes is Always Worth It

The use of 16 candle wishes boxes has emerged as the latest trend. Besides, the competition is high in the packaging industry, as every business tries to introduce something new to distinguish itself. 16 candle boxes in this regard keep a specific value for two reasons.

  • The emotional appeal connected to 16 candle wishes box
  • The dreamy physical representation for an unparalleled aesthetical experience 

Manifest Your Dreams

The 16 Wishes candle box is a perfect way to manifest your dreams and aspirations for life in physical form. That also happens to be cute and lovely! Each candle can reflect your dreams, becoming the beacon of light for you. You can pick candles of different colors to resonate with your wishes: red for love, white for peace, yellow for friendships, etc. These wishes on the candles make us realize what we truly want from our lives. 

Candles give us a chance to write our 16 dreams and manifest them for the prospective future.

Symbolically Wishful  

Blowing candles is not just a mere ritual but there is an entire study behind this. It is believed that the sparkle of a candle brings hope and light to the new year of your life. From the 3rd to the 6th candles are suggestive of the family members, whereas the 7th to 14th are related to friends. For the best friend, there is a special no. of 15th candles. The last 16th candle is intended for a life partner (boyfriend or significant other).

Therefore, each sparkle of the 16 Wishes Candles Box Template represents the tangible visualization of your ambitions and reflects self-actualization.

Builds Emotional Bond

When you handcraft a candle box for someone, you connect with them on an emotional level. Every candle reflects your inner feelings about that certain person you are gifting that custom box. This representation of sentiments automatically nurtures a sense of mutual peace.

How to Design an Impactful 16 Wishes Candles Box Template

Candles are known for their scents, shapes, and unique artistry style of the maker. We will study its design from two aspects: tangible and aesthetic.

Tangible Aspects

Shapes and Sizes

There is no limitation when it comes to creatively expressing your emotions through a 16 wishes candle box.

There are several ways you can design your candle box. The more your packaging is creative, the more it makes the unboxing experience exciting and memorable. The perfect shape of the candle box protects the product inside it. Also, the box's ideal size makes it handier and more feasible to use. Moreover, with exquisite cylindrical, circular, pyramidal, or rectangular shapes, you can bring extra charm to the birthday celebrations.


The use of premiere material is the most significant element that completes the outlook of packaging along with making the product look more trustworthy. Since candles are fragile, their protection during storage, display, and shipping entirely depends on the packaging material. Here we have jotted down some ideas regarding the material selection for the packaging of the 16 Wishes Candle Box Template.

  • Kraft Paper

Kraft boxes are not only eco-friendly but also cost-friendly at the same time. They demand less printing effort while delivering the idea of the product in the best manner.

  • Rigid Box

If you are planning to give someone luxury premium candle boxes then these are the best available option. Being sturdy, they provide safety and raise the value of the product. For 16 Wish candles, you can customize it as a rigid drawer box or rigid two-piece box.

  • Corrugated Stock

These boxes made of flutes are ideal for the shipment of candles. They safely deliver the product without damaging its original shape. 

  • Cardboard Box

This lightweight packaging is easygoing for any type of printing. If you like to wrap your candles creatively and more uniquely then these should be the ultimate pick. They can be molded in the shape, style, color, and size of your desire. You have the freedom to print logos, or birthday messages in any font and shade.

Paper Types

A low-quality paper can ruin the outlook of the whole packaging. It is as significant as the material of the packaging. To add variations to your 16 Wishes candle box, never stick to the same style. Some of the favorable papers you should consider while designing your 16 wishes box:

  • Semi-Gloss-C1S White Paper

This paper is available in three thicknesses, 14pt, 16pt, and 18pt. It's attention-grabbing finishing and fine printing guarantee a luxury touch to your whole packaging.

  • Velvet-C1S White Cover

Looking for a high-end packaging style? Go for C1S velvet! It switches your ordinary packaging to a grandiose pack of candles that represent the class and taste of the presenter or your brand.

  • Soft Touch-C1S White Cover

Flawless paper to give your box a refined appearance while keeping it simple. It is also available in all thicknesses. White perfectly balances the fun of colorful candles.

Aesthetic Aspects

If your product grabs the attention of the customers at first glance, then congratulations, you are doing it right. Because this is the first stage of selling the product! Aesthetics define the whole marketing game of your product. This is why it needs special attention and a creative mind as well. 

Following are the essential factors involved in the process of designing the appearance of a unique 16 Wishes Candle Box Template.


Do you want to capture the essence of 16 wishes while adding much-needed glamor to your milestone birthday?

A box personalized with a personal message, the name of the brand, or something related to the personality of the customer makes the candle box different and attractive. The customizability to design a bespoke template based on your needs is mandated for a solid brand identity. Regardless of the type of candle, its box should echo the spirit of your festivities. With appropriate branding, you’ll reach the right customers and drive sales substantially.

Colors and Themes

Minimalism is the talk of the town when it comes to the theme. It is advisable to use the palette according to the colors and scent of candles. You can use striking hues when designing 16 Wishes boxes to make it catchier. You can get inspiration from packaging brands, designers, or 21st-century trends for color selection. To create a successful package for candles, you need non-fading colors, advanced printing techniques, and a resistant finish. Candle display with the finest boxed packaging appears stylish yet sophisticated.


Tacky and bold fonts can completely alter the appearance of the box. To maintain elegance and practicality, keep the fonts visible and understandable at first sight.

Printing Techniques

Top-notch printing techniques enhance the graphics and make the overall look of the 16 Wishes Candle Box Template quite luxurious. On the contrary, a low-quality printing technique can cost you less but it decreases the value of your product and drops the sales ultimately. Here are some extravagant printing options that uplift the brand image instantly:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • White Ink Printing, etc.


Foiling is a method of pressing a thin film of metal through heat and pressure to create an opulent and premium-quality finish. It is usually done through two popular methods:

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