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What are Personalized Rigid Boxes? Ultimate Guide 2024

What are Personalized Rigid Boxes? Ultimate Guide 2024

Creating a personalized rigid box for your unique brand in 2024 can seem impossible. However, the proper guidance and advanced resources help cater to your box crafting by making it both functional and visually appealing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand what makes perfect rigid boxes among several options for sizes, manufacturing materials, design features, and more. 

The rigid market is increasing rapidly, with a growth rate of 1.8% CAGR and a market worth estimated to reach $80.6 billion in 2034. This industry will increase its rigid box market share to 77.2% by 2024. 

In terms of distinctiveness, rigid boxes are also represented as set-up boxes with built-in qualities of strong ability and durability. Additionally, these boxes are more than mere packaging solutions. They improve the luxury and sophistication of your product's packaging. These custom boxes can be crafted with several durable materials, such as cardboard or chipboard, resulting in unparalleled durability and protection for your items.

Utilizing custom rigid boxes can maximize the perfection of packaging appearance. Because, in contrast to folding cartons, which collapse under pressure, these chipboard boxes can maintain their shape under extremely high pressure. That is why Custom Packaging Lane has introduced the ultimate guide to personalized rigid boxes. We will provide full-featured resources that cover each aspect of crafting printed rigid boxes. 

Make a lasting impression with our eco-friendly luxury rigid boxes. Nevertheless, you can explore our collection of 2-piece rigid boxes, rigid candle boxes, booklet boxes, foil boxes, and more to add a personal touch to your packaging. 

Benefits Of Using Personalized Rigid Boxes

Today's savvy brands and businesses care about the uniqueness of their product's packaging. They require personalized rigid boxes for their products (jewelry, cosmetics, food, etc.) that are different from what other businesses sell. 

Personalization options are the way that aids you in creating unique and ideal packaging to represent your brands. An attractive package design consists of a variety of elements, such as bold color selection, eye-catching patterns, printing logos, adding more text, and utilizing different styles. Packaging design has an impact on 72% of consumers' purchasing decisions. See why rigid box packaging is a great choice for your company and its advantages.

  1. Custom Box Printing
  2. There Is No Setup Needed 
  3. Their Premium packaging increases brand awareness
  4. They Improve the Unboxing experience
  5. Increase Trustworthiness
  6. Protect Against Damage
  7. Encourage Brand Loyalty

1.    Custom Box Printing

To make your luxury packaging a marketing tool for your brand, you have several possibilities for crafting custom rigid boxes. Select a unique shape with a bright and funky design or a simpler, more traditional layout that meets your brand to target your buyers. 

2.    There Is No Setup Needed

You can save extra expenses by choosing collapsible models of customized rigid packaging that do not need to be assembled. After these boxes are delivered to your platform, labor costs will go down because there is no need for labor to fit them. 

3.    Their Premium Packaging Increases Brand Awareness

The customized rigid boxes can be personalized with unlimited options to make them premium solutions for your items. These cardboard boxes can boost your brand sales and brand awareness by creating a distinctive design that stands out from your competitors.   

4.    They Improve the Unboxing experience

Qualitative rigid box inserts are crucial for every business, as these boxes are the first thing that buyers notice before buying any products. Custom packaging boxes provide memorable unboxing experiences to their clients with an enhanced visual and tactile appeal of a product. 

5.    Increase Trustworthiness

Rigid box printing that incorporates a logo, brand name, tagline, artwork, and product specifics, as well as premium finishing and high-quality material, makes your brand professional and trustworthy. 

6.    Protect Against Damage

Rigid packaging that is made with cardboard or chipboard material is supposed to be sturdy enough to protect your precious items from the damage of storage, handling, and traveling. 

7.    Encourage Brand Loyalty

Manufacturing high-quality packaging and products goes hand in hand if you want to attract target clients and make them your regular customers. Through custom rigid boxes, you can create a great impression on customers and give them their money's worth.

How to Design Personalized Rigid Boxes

A well-designed personalized rigid box not only boosts sales but also helps to increase the visual appeal of the product to potential clients. Utilization of eco-friendly materials also raises your packaging demand in the market. 70% of consumers stated that healthy and eco-conscious products should not harm the environment. Evaluate some essential design aspects that are important to keep in mind when designing packaging boxes. 

  • Premium Finishing And Printing
  • Utilize Add-On Features
  • Apply Glue for a Seamless Finish
  • Create The Appropriate Form For The Box

Premium Finishing & Printing

Once you have ordered your desired material for crafting rigid boxes, step ahead to the first phase of printing. This step is the utmost process where all your crafting ideas fit and make the box layouts as your company's representative in the market. Screen, offset, digital, or relief printing can be easily applicable if your selected material is of high quality and has typical smooth surfaces. 

A study by Unilever and the University of Cambridge found that clear and concise messages on packaging can increase purchase intent by 24%.

If you are looking for a simple design of boxes with solid colors, then screen printing is perfect, which is done by utilizing mesh screens with a blocking stencil to create designs. 

Similarly, offset printing consists of several rolls that transfer the artwork via CMYK color mode, each color being transferred separately. Digital printing is different from offset printing but also uses CMYK color modes. This type of printing involves colors from a spectrum. 

Likewise, relief printing is done by carving a design into a block made of wood, metal, rubber, or copper. 

Utilize Add-On Features

The addition of several add-ons to your packaging box design enhances its attractiveness. You can add your personalized add-on selection to the boxes, such as foil, spot UV, ribbons, stickers, and embossing, to complement your design of boxes.

Apply Glue for a Seamless Finish

The production process goes through several stages where grooving and gluing occur simultaneously. The material of rigid boxes has a firm texture and does not bend easily. The machine takes the uncut paperboard, cuts out the flaps, and makes grooves to make the box easy to fold later.  

After this process, attaching the paper and paperboard using glue can give your boxes a seamless finish. Glue is needed for the paper board that has grooves and needs paper stuck to it. This can be done by applying glue to the whole paper and then attaching it to the paper board. 

The grooves created in the preceding step will face inward to achieve a more polished and seamless finish on the outside. The addition of magnets to the box construction can also be done during this process.

Create the Appropriate Form for the Box

The last and foremost step in personalized rigid box designs includes the appropriate form process. This step can be done by utilizing advanced machinery or manually. Manually forming boxes can be easily done with premade groves and glued additions, which cuts labor costs. Remove all excess material and unnecessary elements that can make the boxes bulky. Extra checking and measures help to ensure premium finishing after formation. 

Errors to Avoid When Creating Custom Rigid Boxes 

Error-free packaging is one of the most important factors in creating appealing custom boxes. The ideal mix of customizations and flawless printing communicates a lot about your brand and goods. Have a glimpse of what errors you should avoid while creating custom rigid boxes.

  • Oversized Box Construction
  • Improper Box Sealing 
  • Insufficient Outer Protection
  • Poorly Executed Finishes 
  • Do Not Have Any Unique Identity 
  • Inappropriate Packaging Design

Oversized Box Construction

Find the best fit for your products by selecting the exact dimensions and measurements to avoid oversized errors. Reduce the amount of space inside the rigid box so that you can reduce the risk of harm to your product during transport. Rigid boxes constructed to the perfect size provide extra protection and reduce waste. 

Improper Box Sealing 

The box-sealing style should have a strong grip so the item packed inside is prevented from becoming damaged. Inadequate box sealing may allow your items to become damaged and smudge fragile items like food, cosmetics, and medicines under pressure during transit.

Insufficient Outer Protection

To provide your product with outer safeguards, ensure that the box design doesn't have insufficient outer protection. You can apply grease barriers for packaging bottles of liquid or put on a waterproof coating to add an extra layer of protection for the items. Further, make your boxes impervious to moisture by using the lamination feature. 

Poorly Executed Finishes 

Your quality inspection team should work efficiently to eliminate fault boxes that contain poorly executed finishes. These boxes may contain several useless elements, including those related to manufacturing and printing. Such as extra paper board edges, improper cutting, printing mistakes, and excessive glue usage. 

Do Not Have Any Unique Identity 

Packaging that bears too much resemblance to other brands could reduce consumer awareness of your brand. The packaging concepts used by your rivals may impress you. Always use their packaging options as a model and give your boxes a special touch to make them stand out from the competition.

Inappropriate Packaging Design

Selecting a packaging design that does not match the brand story may cause an ineffective impression on your clients. Overuse of customization in colors, patterns, and shapes also affects the overall packaging appearance. For instance, the American-based Tropicana Company changed its juice packaging by selecting an inappropriate design that reduced its brand identity. This company witnessed a 20% reduction in sales within two months. Make your custom rigid boxes simple and traditional so they perfectly fit with your brand identity. 

Where to Order Personalized Rigid Boxes

It is crucial to discover the best packaging manufacturers that cater to all your business requirements regarding affordable prices, customization, sizes, shapes, printing, design, and more. 

Custom Packaging Lane manufacturers provide a vast array of premium packaging, custom rigid box material, and customization options. Our public reviews and client feedback will end your extensive research for the perfect packaging firm. You can hire us without any worry or fear because our portfolios have no complaints about our marvelous packaging. 

Moreover, you can utilize our free features for custom rigid boxes, such as free shipping, free template design, zero die-cut cost, and quick turnaround. Get your Eco-friendly personalized rigid boxes for your brand packaging at wholesale prices worldwide.

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